Different SCOT Tribes | PAL, SCT, ZZAN, AAA, LEO, CCC, RHB

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Github Repository: https://github.com/steem-engine-exchange/nitrous



Ever since the nitrous sites came into being with the initiative of Steem Engine team, there has been a lot more engagement on Steem. Thanks to @aggroed and his team. They have created a new movement on Steem. With time, I believe the tribes with their special niches will bring on masses to the Steem blockchain.

There are now 30 nitrous sites and growing. More and more new sites had come on the horizon in the last month. Who knows what will happen next month? The growth is incredible.

This means more and more investors are creating new coins for their businesses. At the same time this is building the Steem ecosystem. All investors, whether founders or buyers, have to invest in Steem to increase the traded volume of Steem on the exchanges. When Steem is deposited into the Steem Engine wallet, it creates a new STEEMP token whereby buying and selling takes place with the various tokens.

Tribes that are Actively Integrated on Steempeak


The Steempeak team has done an excellent job in integrating the different tribes onto their interface. this is the site I come to often because you can click on these active tribes on the dashbaord here to view your participating in that tribe. You can right away engage with your community there.

These nitrous sites allow you to have 10 tags. With all these nitrous sites coming on the scene, 5 tags are not enough, so recently steempeak has added a new feature to allow us to put in 10 tags. Bravo to the Steempeak team for their quick response to our request.


They have truly made everything more convenient for us who are involved in different tribes. Those tribes that are active are 'blue' in color.

My short review of the Tribes that I have come into contact with:

It has been about 2 months already that I have involved myself with these different nitrous sites. I will list them in the order of my participation.

  • Weed: the first nitrous site that came on the scene. We were so excited about the new possibilities on the blockchain when Weed launched. Since this is not my area of interest, I soon dropped out of this site. Early on, I invested about 80 STEEM and am now slowly converting them to other tokens.
  • SteemCoinPan : this is a Korean site dedicated to talking about coins. I am just an outsider observer watching the platform grow. Initially, I did take part on this platform. Since I had to translate all the Korean posts, it was just taking too much time that I am now just an onlooker. With the SCT I invested in there, I staked it for now for another opportunity to try this site again. There are great Korean investors on this site.
  • Palnet: This site is supported by the minnowsupport community. It is mainly a blogging site of any content. I knew about this site because they suddenly airdropped palcoins for us to claim on the Steem Engine. Not knowing how I can add more value than I am already doing with my blogging, I bought 18 PALMM with 1800 STEEM to mine Pal coins to support this platform.
  • AAA - This is a triple A review site concentrating on reviewing movies, TV and animations. I like this site and invested AAA with JJM tokens because I know one of the founders @jayplayco. I love movies and would come in here to curate good movie reviews. Right now, most reviewers are Koreans. If I have more time, I would like to review more movies. Since I can't do so much, I have partnered with AAA team to get more qualified mentors to write great movies to the English audience. In total, I have invested close to 350 STEEM to buy JJM Tokens.
  • ZZAN - This is also a new site initiated by the Korean group. It is mainly a site concentrating on art and culture. I have not been deeply involved with this group since it is also Korean based, but every now and then, I am receiving ZZAN rewards for my posts. The reason is obvious because I talk a lot about art and culture in my travel posts. When I have more time, I will participate more into this community.
  • LEO: Leo is a site solely on investments. They caught my attention when one day they suddenly airdropped the same amount of LEO coins to the number of STAKED Pals we have in our wallet. Their generosity grabbed my attention that I started following @khaleelkazi. This site looks promising as it has a clear goal to bring in outsiders onto the blockchain. We all want to learn about investment and how to do better. I have bought LEO, LEOMM, and delegated 2K SP to the leo.voter. This is the site that has drawn much of my attention and for this reason, this is the site that I had invested the most.
  • CCC: This is creativecoin.xyz that was launched last week. I didn't pay much attention to it even though I saw 1000 CC airdropped onto my wallet. I know a little about @derangedvisions because of a project that he was involved in last year. Photography, travels, music, and creativity are really my thing, so recently, I decided to invest an extra 5000 CC to help the platform grow. I discover that I can add value to this platform so I will continue to participate on this site.
  • RHB: This is the new site that was launched 2 days ago. I know the founder @knowledges and his team from working with them in the last 2 years at @utopian. These are reliable men, so I decided to take on an interest in their project this time to see if I could help them grow. This is a site that concentrates on doing reviews on what you see and use every day. In a sense, it can be very broad but in a sense, the content is very specific. I like the niche. It will be interesting to read about what people posts on this platform in these coming days.

Time Is Also Investment

I believe when we talk about Investments, it is not just about money but also our time as time is money. For this reason, I can understand why people drop out of Steem in the past year because they want to feel that their time spent on Steem is worth it. But then, we cannot always measure everything with money, because for many of us who stayed on engaging in Steem, we made many valuable friendship and that in itself also makes everything worthy here.


Now that there are so many possibilities that are open before us with these nitrous sites, I suddenly feel overwhelmed. We can't be involved with so many nitrous sites. For some, there will be overlaps, so sooner or later, we all need to sift through our time to invest on those platforms that we can bring value to.

Yesterday, I saw a chart created by @dalz talking about the number of users in 10 different tribes.

This is quite interesting, isn't it?

Palnet is the most used platform for obvious reasons that the @minnowsupport community is a big group.

There are quite a few more nitrous sites here that I have not participated in.

So if you are looking for active nitrous sites to participate in, you can study this chart.

As time goes on, we all need to filter and focus on the niches that we want to develop and so concentrate on these specific nitrous sites. We only have so much time on hand. The #marlians group is also holding some of my attention at the present moment so soon, I will investigate into this nitrous site headed by @surpassinggoogle.


Today, I feel that I need to put in summary form as one who has participated in these nitrous sites in the past 2 months.

Every now and then, we need to evaluate our time and money investments into these new projects.

I find myself stuck in the computer every day for at least 3 to 4 hours claiming my tokens, curating for the different platforms. It has become very time-consuming.

What about you?

How many new nitrous sites are you involved in and how do you manage and organize them?

Thank you for your attention,



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This is quite an interesting review. The Nitrous sites are the latest fun on the Steem blockchain. I am happy with the work done by the Steem-engine team, as we also launched a project on it. I think we can surely expect more exciting projects on the platform.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

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Thank you for your review, @tykee! Keep up the good work!

Dear @rosatravels

Wow. Thank you for this publication definitely every day you learn something new I did not know about the existence of these other token only of PAL and steemleo, as for steempeak I was using it but very high connection in Venezuela was very difficult to connect, but I must recognize that That tool is very friendly. I congratulate the creators.

To be able to mount a project and create a token. I need to know

Thank you, and I send you a big hug from Venezuela a country that fights for its freedom.

You are welcome @lanzjoseg

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Wow! Quite a lot of information!
Thank you for putting all this information together.
What is your thought process behind which tribes to use an alternative account for for curation versus which tribes would you recommend using your primary account for curation?
Thank you

I think it is a good idea to have alternate accounts for each tribe but I am unable to do that. I only have one alternate account and that is rosacoins for the Steemleo platform. I can't manage so many account. Maybe in the future, I would just delegate everything to rosacoins but that is not effective. Right now, I am using my primary account.

Hi Rosa
Thanks for your reply. I think having more then one account is complicated also.
Enjoy Paris😃
“Bon Voyage”

Dear @rosatravels

Great comparison

If only onboarding new users to any of those tribes communities didn't require from them to create account on Steemit, then purchasing steem and learning how to work with steem-engine ... .maybe they I would really believe that tribes can help steem.

Otherwise it's just part of current community (already existing users) will have easier access to communities and subjects they are interested in. That's always something :)

All investors, whether founders or buyers, have to invest in Steem to increase the traded volume of Steem on the exchanges.

Im not so sure. Most people just trade current STEEM. I didn't witness any extra buying pressure lately.

ps. do you know (by any chance) who is in charge of SteemPeak ?

IMPORTANT: would you be okey if I would share your post with larger audience and bring some traffic? I would like to know what other people have to say about tribes.


Hello, @rosatravels. That's a great review about the tribes emerging in STEEM blockchain.

I've been receiving other tokens in my steem-engine: INT (Intrepreneur), STEEMSPEAK, The Almighty Token (GOD). Are there tribes too? 👀

Hey @jadmas2k18, great that you are investing into other coins. I join tribes that hold my interest. I am not familiar with INT or GOD tribes.

I believe that well organized tribes allow access to one or some specific categories of content.
Until now the use of labels allowed us to do this, but they really do not seem totally effective.

Hey @crypto.piotr, good to see you. Yes, you can share my post to bring more traffic into the blockchain. @someguy123 and @asgarth are the founders.

@someguy123 is involved in a lot of projects, but SteemPeak is not one of them :D.

Easy answer @crypto.piotr: https://steempeak.com/about

@asgarth, you are the main founder then? Just voted you guys for witness!

Thank you very much. I started to work on an idea and after the first few months the others joined the team ;)

Great! Thanks for doing such a good interface. This is going to become the one most people will use. I can forsee it already at the rate things are going.

hi @asgarth

Are you still expanding your team? Just curious.

And do you care about becoming a witness? I tried to vote on you but I didnt see your name in top100 witnesses (maybe I need to change my glasses ....)


  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Help is always appreciated, but considering that SteemPeak is not an open source project we'll have to evaluate case by case.

Also our witness is on the @steempeak account. We are currently ranked #37 (https://steempeak.com/witnesses).

Dear @asgarth

So far I've tried to reach out to Steemit Inc, guys from PALnet and SteemLEO and I realized that they do not engage with almost anyone.

I never managed to receive one reply. At the same time you're doing great job. I just voted on SteemPeak.

but considering that SteemPeak is not an open source project we'll have to evaluate case by case.

I'm not sure what does it mean. Is there any way to contact you via DM? (email, telegram or discord?).


Dear @rosatravels

Thank you for your kind and prompt reply. Appreciate it.

Since you're so responsive, I thought that perhaps I could share with you my latest publication and ask about your own opinion on discussed subject:

I would appreciate it greately.


Dear @rosatravels

Thx for your comment.

Since you're so responsive, I thought that perhaps I could share with you my latest publication and ask about your own opinion on discussed subject:

I would appreciate it greately.


Your self voting of your comments is abusive behavior.

Greetings, dear and charming @rosatravels

Thank you a lot for this explanations about some tokens, and, this graphic help me so much to think about some things...

have a nice day and good "stoke tokens" :D

#battle #spt #steemace #sct #palnet #steemleo

Great ;)

Starting around day 5, you start self voting all of your comments. What kind of a message do you think that sends?

Very expansive and elaborating review, thanks. Please what community is JJM for and is it a tag too?

JJM is not a community but tokens being sold by @virus707, a Korean steemian. You can buy 100 JJM tokens and get a 1% upvote by @virus707.

Is the upvote from @virus707 continuous right after you purchase or only everytime a purchase was made?

It is continuous but you must tag JJM everyday to get that upvote. You only need to buy once.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hey Rosa ... thansk for the mention .... just to clear that the number of users here is the number of users that posted or commented on the tribe tag ....

Thanks, your charts are very helpful for us to understand the situation of some of the nitrous sites.

Where can we access this list of nitrous sites? Also, you mentioned the 10 tags with teamspeak, where can I access it as well? You are right 10tags can be useful

You can now find out all the tribes on steempeak under the tribes tag. All nitrous sites allow you to have 10 tags.

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Thanks for the info

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I'm involved in Palnet, Neoxian, Creative Coin, SteemLeo, Sportstalk and StemGeeks. I need to figure out a way to do curation on each of them without spending too much time and depleting my SP voting power. I see people are creating alternate accounts for each tribe. Seems confusing. Maybe I should wait for an intuitive general tool available to everybody. What do you think.

Posted using Partiko Android

@organduo, I understand the dilemma. I only created one alternate account for Leo platform. The rest are using my main account. I think I will wait to see how other platforms do to see if they are worth an alternate account. It is too time consuming to create alternate accounts for every tribe.

Thank you, very helpfull for me