Noob Film Review - SURAYA by Feisal Azizuddin

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A perfect example of how a horror film does not need jump-scare and ustaz firing balls of lighting to kill the devil. Its the pair of unblinking eyes and the beauty of Suraya (played brilliantly by Ainul Aishah) does all the job extremely well.

Plus, it is about the fight within Adam not to give in to the seduction. Its his fight and no ustaz can help with that except himself.

Even though she is looking at Adam (played by Amir Rahim) , you could almost feel his struggle trying to resist the seduction. The horror of being lost in isolation with no handphone signal and the fear of a looming threat.

For Nabila (played by Farihin Ufiya), it's the fear of witnessing her boyfriend slowly slipping away from her. It's the last thing she wants to be happening after getting lost in a middle of nowhere, and her never living in a kampung before.

A list of unknown actors but they got the job done!

The story is well written. I walked out of the cinema having no question hanging in my head. Suraya's character backstory is also nice and turned me into a bit of a sympathizer.


A pair of city couple who's planning to start a Youtube travel vlog venturing into an unknown jungle. Put lost travelers into the menu!

Its nice as the film goes on, I was guessing what Suraya actually is. A Pontianak? A Nenek Kebayan? A Bomoh?

The musical theme got stuck in me head and the image of Suraya comes back right away. Kind of reminded me a bit of Dendam Pontianak (both in red kebaya) but to me the former is much better written (and acted). The gentle gestures of Suraya bears unseen menace than the character of Mina in Dendam Pontianak.

Cameraworks and lightings. I have no complaints! (for that budget, which be revealled below) Beautiful!


Spoiler section!

Suraya's background story is interesting. She was a handicapped child who got downcasted by the villagers which then made her escape into the forest. After sometime in isolation, a djinn then appears and grants her wish for eternal life and beauty, provided she has to bathe herself in human blood after sometime to keep the spell going. She then goes on seducing men (and women) in the village for revenge. And she got her first blood bath! She then just resides in a homestay called Abadi (eternal) and waits for the next victim.

A Pontianak? A Bomoh? Or a Nenek Kebayan? She needs blood. She surely knows some secret ingredients to put one into a spell. She is a hundred years old and stays in basically a castle. Is she all three?

a deadly game of seduction

And she has taught Aishah (a limping girl servant, perhaps reminds her of past self) how to resurrect her, just in case! Surely Suraya has it all planned! Pak Kassim is another of her servant who got dual personality and responsible in immobilizing the victim's transport. Another one is a tall narrow-eyed (Chinese?) humpback who drags stuff and gets rid of all the evidence.

How do anyone beat this witch?

And...what if Nabila drinks the Air Janda Pulang too like Adam did? Is she going to be attracted to Suraya aswell??

And...the heavy rain which flooded the way out on day one when Adam and Nabila arrived. Was it brought by Suraya just to make them spend the night there? Suraya have the power to control the weather??

Perhaps those are the only questions I have. Maybe, make a band of Ustaz from a nearby village casting holy verses of the Koran for Suraya Part 2. Quoting source from Pak Hassan Muthalib, this film is made only with RM30,000 budget! It will make quick buck and double their money for sure. People love Ustaz in local horror film. But I think the writer is smarter than that.

Also the film is saying, if you are starting a Youtube travel vlog, go somewhere easy first! And do a background check on your next homestay haha.


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