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What would be just another routine flight from Sydney (Australia) to Los Angeles (United States) turns out to be a true nightmare of unimaginable proportions for a group of certain passengers when a plane crash on a mysterious tropical island happens and causes them to crash somewhere unknown in the Pacific Ocean, leaving them completely adrift.

Overcoming the terrible crash was only the first step in the survivors' long and challenging journey... Now they will have several major battles ahead, including finding a way to be found by the search authorities or finding a way of themselves. output. But how to do this in the midst of a dangerously inhospitable place that holds great and unexpected dangers?


When Jeffrey Lieber, J. J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof decided to create Lost, the idea was to try to offer audiences a drama with hints of science fiction (tied by relatively unheard-of elements in this entertainment format) that had something new in its essence, a spark unlike anything else. what had been seen on TV before then and who knows ... Maybe they could inspire other writers, directors to start a "fire" of remarkable proportions on small screen.

In a way and until a certain moment, it is undeniable to say that they did not achieve this, because the trajectory of the survivors of the disaster is portrayed in a very interesting way and it is divided into two specific moments: besides showing the struggle for the survival of each of them, the script also shows the lives of the main characters (before the whole accident happens) through their personal retrospectives (using flashbacks, flashforwards and flash-sideways as unique elements for narrative alignment and development).

Initially, the series consolidates itself as a competent and thought-provoking drama (and no wonder she managed to win a lot of awards from it)... However, as it progresses through its seasons, the narrative begins to invest in a he approaches supernatural elements and ends up losing his own identity in the midst of so many absurd mysteries - many of them unresolved - that insist on being part of history in a way that is justifiably justified.

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As the focus of the story shifts and the murky situations happening on the island become the main concerns of the survivors, the script begins to lose all built structure and becomes worn out. Episode by episode (with the exception of a few memorable moments), everything gets more and more boring and one of the writers biggest mistakes was going over each character's dramas in an overly corny way.

The cast is average and there is not much to talk about them (I don't particularly highlight any of them) because they are really hurt by the script's ineffectiveness in not being able to stand on their own stories throughout their six years. seasons. Failing to do so assertively (at least not most of the time) the series parades a range of laughable characters that ultimately add nothing essential to the cores that are part and are then completely ignored.


In addition, the fact that there are so many other characters in the plot means that there is little elasticity in showing their origins and problems (not to mention the fact that an increasingly messy timeline begins to form constantly). That's because there are protagonists in the series... So, one thing is obvious, not all characters would be treated equally, but many of them are simply forgotten or have very superficial and / or sloppy presentations.

Produced by ABC Studios, Bad Robot Productions, Grass Skirt Productions and aired on ABC, the show finds one of its strongest points in just this respect: production (including, it is considered to be one of the most expensive series ever produced for TV). Filmed on Oahu (Hawaii), the story manages to explore the island where all the remarkable events are concentrated, and ensures that every bit of it is pioneered by the characters in their quest for survival.

In a way, this putting the viewer inside the island and other technical elements (such as good photography, well-planned lighting, high quality soundtrack... composed by Michael Giancchino) ensure that this happens more easily. All of these concerns can give extra breath to the show, but that is not enough to cover its shortcomings (which can easily be translated into script continuity failures as well as a jumble of increasingly nonsense mysteries).

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Amid narrative arcs full of hits and misses, between relevant dramas and completely forgettable ones (and this also applies to everything that goes with the supernatural approach), Lost is a very ragged quality series that found its worst nightmare just where He wanted to get it right: to establish himself as a dramatic series of quirks that failed to turn into anything but a collection of frustrations with a bittersweet spice and dismissed with a terrible - and predictable - final act.


MY RATING: A (6,0/10)

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I literally got lost watching this series back then, a nice series though.

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