Full Review of [Forest Gump]

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Movie is the taste of mind. It makes you happy and hopeful. Sometimes movies will make you crying, who cares we all enjoy movies. In this world you can hardly find a man who doesn't like movie.

"Mamma always said life is a box of chocolate"


It's a famous dialog from the movie Forest Gump
Yes, today I am going to give you a full review of movie ** Forest Gump**.
It's a movie in where you can find the full taste of your mind.
In the very beginning you will watch a boy who can't move from one place to another place.
Because of his being lame. Doctor said that he may never can walk without the support.
At a tile while going to school he had a girl friiend and some foe.
Some of them always tried to fight with him.
That's the time first time Forest started runing from them and once he can run without any support.
This was the time he started runing.
He became the ragbi player, joined in army, and at last he become a busnissman.
If, you started to watch this movie you will never be borung. You may forget the time.

It's a totally dramatic romantic movie This movie will encourage you to do work hard and to be more conscious about your work. May be you will be successful or may be not but you just have to focus on your work.
How can trust and believe help a man to be a millionaires only Forest Gump can explain.
The man forest gum with a lot of love for his girl friend and also for human being. It's a real story and I saw the movie twice time. You will never believe that in this movie The character forest gum just acted as a pschyco actor.


After finishing the first half

You will realise that It's a movie about the life and success.
Though It's a biography, You will find the full taste of love and family.
It's a movie in where you can take the proper taste of life. You will know how to fight, you will have the idea why people live.Why the world is runing so fast.

So, I am highly recommend you to watch this movie if you think to watch any movie. Don't forget to use the time in proper way.
In wgich way the love and determination take you the way??
You will find all those answer by watching this movie Forest Gump.

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Movie Url- https://www.themoviedb.org/movie/13-forrest-gump?language=en-US


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