Sausage Party: An oversexualized animated film

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Wow I find it hard to believe that anyone would think that making an animated movie about things that are in a supermarket would be a good idea, and especially if you base the plot of the movie on a totally grotesque sexual and rude environment, because yes friends Sausage Party is an animated movie full of unbearable sexual references.


The truth is that I found this movie by chance while I was zapping hoping to find something entertaining and I decided to leave it out of sheer curiosity, and Oh God! what a disturbing and grotesque movie. It's very difficult for me to establish a central plot for this film, but here basically what we have is a lot of objects and supermarket food going through all kinds of adventures to first leave the store and be bought by someone and then to somehow get to understand the meaning / role that has its existence in the world, yes, in this film we find all kinds of food that do not know anything about what they are, and instead see their departure from the store as a kind of trip to the paradise of things, I know totally bizarre.

On a visual level the film does it well, in fact, I liked most of the animations because they are made in a realistic but caricatured way at the same time, something that gives a great comic touch to the film. Unfortunately not all the animations are good, in many cases, the animations and the characters are too sexualized and stilted to stand out from the ordinary. In the film we have dozens of sexual references through spooky and somewhat crippy characters; what I mean is that this over-sexualization of animated characters makes the film develop in a completely horrible environment, with grotesque dialogues where we see simple inanimate objects talking about ejaculation, masturbation and other sexual concepts.


I didn't understand at all the use of adult content in an animated film, it seemed absolutely unnecessary and disgusting to add "jokes" and sexual references in a plot that didn't need it, after all although the whole concept of the film is somewhat bizarre if they had dedicated themselves to exploring the adventures of these peculiar characters in a simpler and less sexual way the film would have been more entertaining and less disturbing. Another thing I hate is the inclusion of a kind of villain who has no real motive beyond wanting to leave the store and be "free".

This is a film that no child should see because it has a high censurable content that combined with some characters designed wrongly could cause a bad impact on our children, after all being exposed to such references will not do them any good. Few things in the film are well done other than animation.


Having created a world of groceries focused on such a bad plot and bizarre dialogues with scenes made around racist and sexual jokes make this film a spectacle to things badly done, at no time do you feel that funny and entertaining atmosphere characteristic of animated films, instead we feel that at any time something more grotesque could happen to make the film even worse. Basically this film is a complete waste, a mistake that should never have seen the light of day, a totally grotesque film that no child should ever see by chance.

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