[Review] Who Killed Garrett Phillips?

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I'm really surprised with these mini-drama series that HBO has been producing about extremely intense real events that allow us to explore crimes and scandals in a detailed way, because each one is made in an impartial way with testimonies and real material that gives us that overwhelming feeling that many times the truth can have more than one version. I say this because a few days ago I saw a documentary that enchanted me and that once again showed me that the truth is able to adopt different positions depending on who applies it and above all who is involved in a crime where it is easier to investigate the obvious than the right.


Who Killed Garrett Phillips? is a series that allows us to explore in great detail the investigation and subsequent judicial process behind the death of a child in strange circumstances, or rather circumstances that the police and the media distorted and became strange. Throughout the series, we see how a child was killed while alone in his home, a crime without so much evidence and which caused more commotion for the investigative process that came later than for the crime itself. What I mean is that in this series the really shocking thing is not the crime because there is not so much emphasis on it, but on the investigation of a suspect who arose almost spontaneously, with no evidence to really blame him, basically a man who was accused only for how convenient it was for the police and for some people directly involved with the investigation.

The whole plot of the series allows us to see how after the murder of the child while he was at home, an investigation is started that really doesn't lead to anything and is quickly put aside by the police, all to focus on somehow incriminating the ex-boyfriend of the child's mother through an accusation that arises from a "testimony" given by another ex-boyfriend of the child's mother; yes basically the main suspect that the police decide to investigate is a man accused by another man who hates him, I know, it doesn't make sense.


What is really interesting and overwhelming about this documentary is to see how the police and the local media started a witch hunt to ruin the man who was accused of a crime he didn't commit, a man who besides being accused for the convenience of another man was also African-American, something that makes the story more intense because we see how at every opportunity this man's rights are undermined and violated to make him go through all kinds of humiliations that make him break and make some mistake that allows the police to have something concrete to put him in jail.

The series has no waste, it is built through real and raw testimonies that allow the plot to establish a tense and suspenseful atmosphere where we are waiting to see if this man was really accused or if he really had something to do with the murder of the child. It's wonderful to see how the police corrupt themselves by erroneously conducting a murder investigation, police that decide to take the easy way and target only a circumstantial suspect instead of focusing on the facts and the few pieces of evidence they could collect to try to find the real killer. The series has a lot of dramatic moments that make it an ode to the investigation because the creators not only kept what the police and those involved decided to tell but instead focuses on exposing each theory created by the police in a very detailed and simple way that allows us to see the whole social panorama behind such a horrendous crime.

Without a doubt this is another great success of HBO, the whole series is perfectly developed so that we are interested in knowing the truth and in knowing how everything ended for those involved, all the atmosphere they managed to create through testimonies, recordings and photos is incredible because it transports us to those classic films of suspense and investigation where we never knew what was going to happen. Finally, I highly recommend that you watch this series because in addition to being super entertaining has a very prominent social component


Series Score: 8,5/10

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Nice review.

HBO always investing in intense and interesting stories.

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