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There are authors who have the ability to be recognized in an instant.
A scene, a dialogue, a framing can immediately identify an author's style.
Ryan Murphy undoubtedly belongs to this category.
His style has become unmistakable and just look at his latest creature "Hollywood" to understand what we are talking about.
Let's talk about the second show produced by Murphy for Netflix, after the not exciting Politician.
Here, as in Politician, there's the condensation of Murphy-thinking, Murphy-style.
Bright colors, hellish rhythm, loquacious and nosy dialogues, lovable characters. This is how much he manages to emerge from Murphy's style.
But there is the story, the thought, the underlying message that Murphy has been trying to convey for years, which here finds the umpteenth exaltation, the umpteenth confirmation.
Through the stories and characters staged, the author manages to give us a glimpse of how powerful love can be and how much the human being, once he acknowledges his own limits and strengths, can be extraordinary.
Murphy's ability to convey a message, so simple but with such disruptive force, is absolutely unique.
This time he has chosen the Hollywood of the dawn, the one at the 20th edition of the Oscars, to tell and maybe tell himself.
As always the LGBTQ world has found ample space, many were the non-heterosexual couples and many were the characters struggling with the legitimacy of their being gay.
Legitimization that often meant first of all a recognition of that diversity, in a world where the different was seen as inhuman.
And not human was also that society, where if you were black you couldn't enter a bar and if you were gay you couldn't confess it.
And Hollywood was the perfect mirror for that hypocrisy.
A parallel universe where stories were made every day, stories of happy and triumphant white men and where there was no room for the different, the marginalized.
But Hollywood, cinema has always had the ability to change the world, to make it a better place. Not only are things projected on that screen as they are, but as they could be.
And that's when Murphy manages to turn a rather disappointing and negative incipit into something powerfully positive.
In just 7 episodes he overturns the paradigm and transforms that world into a better world, through the gaze and determination of its protagonists, the underdogs, the outcasts.
People united by a dream, who have been able to put aside pride and selfishness, showing courage and heart and inspiring a new generation.
Murphy often exaggerates, condenses too much, increases the emotional load too many times, puts too much meat on the fire and sometimes resolves certain storylines too easily and simplifies very complex plots.
But it excites.
He excites a lot and this allows us to forgive him a lot of things.


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Movie URL: https://www.themoviedb.org/tv/1402-the-walking-dead?language=it-IT

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