End criticism

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Hello everyone I saw this picture online and I am very happy to share it with you guys racism is one of the worst thing that can happen to human race and we human we should stop criticizing people, colour, religion, country e t c but what I really like in that picture was (criticism make you strong) and it's not a lie, it make you feel very proud that everyone around you is talking bad against you,it make you work hard, make you forget about the past and focus to the Future anywhere you are or anything you are doing, this is your time to step up for your colour your country and your family there is no room for criticizing and I want to use this opportunity thank the motivation story community for their help and support in this community and I also want to thank the people that are in this community because they have done a great job to bring this community to where we are now I really want to say thank you and thank you for your good job and please vote for me also

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