Will Cardano Blockchain be able to solve the problems of developing countries?

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Cardano team carries out various activities and events in developing countries. The other day, they launched the CardanoAfrica event, talking about what they will do at the event and what path they will follow. This event really excited me and I think it's pretty great for the future. While everything is going well in developed countries, developing countries have problems in many issues, especially in the economic field and in verifying the declared information. Solving these problems is difficult, but Cardano is making a big attempt to fix some of the problems.


Developed countries have solved many problems, especially in terms of economy, education and identity. It is very easy to verify the identity information and career information of the citizens of developed countries. However, these problems persist in developing countries and therefore the citizens of those countries face many problems. Since it is difficult to verify identity and economic information, there are difficulties in traveling, getting credit, and doing business. If you want to do business or study in developed countries, you have to struggle to verify the information for a long time.

To give an example from myself, before I went abroad for the first time, I had to struggle for about 6 months to get a visa. At that time, I had just graduated from university, and I struggled to verify education and economic information. At that time I could not understand this situation, but later I realized why it was so difficult.

In terms of authentication and reliability, I believe Blockchain will solve many problems from the root. That's why this project started by the Cardano team is really exciting. Your information will be processed in a decentralized environment without the need for any centralized structure. This information will be processed into your digital identity.

When you apply to a credit institution, a school or a workplace, your information will be made easy to see. And those who check your information will easily verify it. If there is no problem verifying your information, you can borrow at a lower interest rate or transfer money at lower costs. Also, you won't have any trouble traveling.

Cardano team has taken an important step in these matters. I am sure that it will be successful, I hope similar projects will be carried out and become widespread in many countries. I think it is very important to use it especially in education and business world. I follow this exciting project closely and I would very much like a similar project to start in the country where I live. This system will help people verify their credentials and prove their skills.

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