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8 years ago, the world of superheroes also came on television. It wasn't Marvel that carried out this miracle but DC Comics through the CW.

Arrow can be considered to all intents and purposes the television forerunner of this genre.

Daredevil, Legion, The Boys, all the Marvel / Netflix series and dozens of other TV series from comics, owe at least some of their success to Greg Berlanti's idea of bringing the Green Arrow on TV.

Eight years after that historical moment, Arrow closes its doors.

A last season marked above all by the frightening and gigantic experiment of "Crisis on Infinite Earth" that has seen 6 TV series connected within the same universe, following the same story.

The so-called Arrowverse unified under a single hat. This is also a huge merit of the TV series starring Stephen Ammell. 

And it was him, incredibly, the great absentee of the season finale of Arrow, pardon, of the series. Ammell, although he remains the great protagonist of the finale, is absent. A strange choice, anticlimatic but necessary after the events of Crisis on Infinite Earth. 

And so Arrow's finale becomes nothing but a celebration of Arrow himself and above all of Oliver Queen.

A long memorial to remember the deeds of Green Arrow and the life of Oliver Queen. 

Everybody's in this finale. All of Oliver Queen's historical travel companions. The temporal reset allowed almost all of his friends, loved ones to reappear and pay their last homage to Oliver Queen.

It certainly wasn't an impeccable quality tv show. The script has always been very loose, very wide, very benevolent with itself. A TV series that will certainly not be studied for its writing and narrative coherence. Despite this we are talking about a product that plays and will play a very important role in the history of TV, especially the superhero genre. Arrow was the first and as such he will always carry a certain amount of merit for having paved the way for everyone else.

The ending is certainly very soft, not unforgettable but it gives thanks to the hero that Starling City needed and for which many fans have cheered all these years.

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