Sex and The City.- Friendships are Lasting

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I am a lover of the romantic movie, always at night I see one to two movies, I share with my friends about the movie, a friend told me of this page to make my summary and analysis of the movie, welcome everyone. This opportunity I bring you the movie


Sex and the City. This is a romantic movie, whose story begins with a book that in turn was raised a series which bears the same name.

This story is based on the life of four best inseparable friends Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda and Samantha who are between the ages of 30 and 40, are professional women who have a good economic position and live alone.

The film begins a few years after the last chapter of this series, where each of them is in a loving relationship Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, the only one that is far away is Samantha went to Los Angeles. Carrie has always written about sex and love has always carried her writings in so many relationships in her friends' experiences as her own life.

He is planning to marry Big, they have all the wedding preparations, the apartment where they will live. When one day before Miranda had a fight with her husband, at that time she reacts with Big, she tells him that she doesn't know how she plans to marry. This makes Big doubt about his marriage, although he tries to call Carrie several times the call does not answer.

Carrie arrives at the church tells her that Big has not yet arrived, in that she asks for the phone and starts talking to Big, to which Big replies that she feels confused, that she has tried to communicate with her to talk. When Carrie heard this word from Big, she feels bad and asked to be taken out, her friends take her to the car, in that Big goes back to the church to try to talk to her. But from that moment she begins to live a separate life, Carrie first becomes depressed and her friends go on a trip with them alone without a partner or children, in order to comfort her.

After a while Carrie tries to lead her life again by writing trying to forget Big.

My opinion

It is a romantic film, where it shows us today's woman, professional, hardworking, independent. It demonstrates the great friendship that can exist between 4 women who support each other in good and bad.

I hope to improve as I write for you-

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I was scouring the 'new' section and saw your post.

Your suggestion would help me a lot, to continue on this platform thanks.

This is your biggest problem. You have been here for 1 year and your not following anyone?

Nothing is going to happen unless you interact. Take it from one who has been where you are. That's a start.

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