Big Hero 6 - Movie Review - Animation Action Suspense Thriller

in aaa •  9 days ago 


This is very different kind of animation movie. I do enjoy these kind good screenplays.

Hiro is young kid who like to innovate new things and soon he is about to unveil nano technology concept in his school presentation. He is also a big fan of his big brother who encourage and support him at every level.

A great conspiracy is formed and fire outbreak at school event. His brother dies and he is totally lost without him. He is very sad on this event. His brother's latest invention is medical robot who wake up to assist him


Hiro transforms him into fighting robot to search for killer of his brother. He also indulges his old friends and make superheroes out of them by giving them advance gadgets and suits.


Things got real twist when Villain turn out to be something close to him. It is said that there might a sequel to this movie and I would definitely want to watch it soon.

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