Retro Film Review: Highlander III: The Sorcerer (1994)

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The author of this review sometimes thinks of himself as a heretic who challenges some "undeniable truths". One of those "truths" says that Highlander: The Quickening is one of the worst pieces of celluloid excrement ever to hit silver screen since the times of Lumiere brothers. I must admit that I happen to have somewhat better opinion about that most unfortunate sequel of Russell Mulcahy's Highlander (especially after watching so- called "renegade version"). However, I was nevertheless baffled when someone actually took the effort of making the third Highlander movie. The experience told me that Highlander: The Sorcerer a.k.a. Highlander: The Final Dimension, directed in 1994 by Andrew Morahan, would be worse than the second film, at least in commercial sense.

The plot is chronologically set between first and (presumably) second film. Four centuries old Scotsman Duncan MacLeod (played by Christopher Lambert) has remained the only survivor of the Gathering, and now thinks that he can live without having to fight fellow Immortals ever again. But his violent past nevertheless manages to haunt him, this time in form of Kane (played by Mario Van Peebles), extremely vicious Immortal he had managed to defeat in 16th Century Japan. Kane had survived their encounter by being buried alive in collapsed cave. But four centuries later, excavation liberates Kane from his prison, and now he wants to eliminate MacLeod, using the magical powers that would make him almost invincible.

Despite featuring few interesting locations and plot that actually makes more sense than in its infamous predecessor, Highlander III: The Sorcerer is failed film. Director Andy Morahan is less interested in story or the characters and spends all of his energy into turning each and every action scene into orgy of special effects that quickly become quite boring. Christopher Lambert as title character is here rather non charismatic in the role of mythical hero, while Mario Van Peebles goes completely over the top in the role of supervillain. Deborah Kara Unger as Lambert's partner is much better, but even her most loyal fans should do themselves a favour if they choose some other opportunity to evaluate her acting talent. All in all, Highlander: The Sorcerer is one of those uninspired films that gave sequels such a bad name.
RATING: 2/10 (-)

(Note: The text in its original form was posted in Usenet newsgroup on October 20th 2001)


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