Idiocracy - "But Brawndo's got what plants crave. It's got electrolytes"

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Is this a prophetic comedy? Only time will tell, but I would bet that some viewers might get scared if they realize some current trends mirrors the beginning of this movie. There are a bunch of news articles about this topic and here is one as an example. The fundamental fact is that IQ scores have been dropping in several countries which can be worrisome because only high IQ populations are able to develop and maintain societies that are innovative, free, prosperous and peaceful.

There have been historic cases of human societies collapsing and ultimately devolving. The collapse of the Roman Empire and the beginning of the Dark Ages is a very popular example. In current times, the deterioration in countries such as South Africa or Zimbabwe is another good example, inside the US I would think Detroit is another proper example.

At the beginning of the movie, we see how in this fictional story people of high IQ aren't having enough children and the opposite happens with people of low IQ, who are having a bunch of them. This will eventually end up causing a major dumbing down of the entire population that would someday wreck modern society. You can see the short intro in the following video:

The story of the film is basically this, we have an average Joe (Luke Wilson) that ends up being chosen by the military to participate in an experiment, they also chose a prostitute as the female participant. These 2 are going to be frozen for a year in a state of suspended animation.

Then something happens that leaves these 2 poor souls forgotten inside the experimental machines until 5 centuries later when they are brought back by accident. But now the world looks like this:


In this dystopian future, everyone is stupid. They know no logic, they don't know how to have a properly industrialized nation, they are all extremely retarded and the movie makes this clear over and over again.

These characters were so dumb, that 2 regular individuals from 500 years in the past were like geniuses to them, solving basic societal problems that they believed were impossible to solve and making things better just by using 21-century common sense. However, there was a little bit of friction at the beginning of these interactions.


I believe that a lot of people can enjoy this movie and perhaps even some can even feel related to this fictional story depending on how they view the current social and political trends. Nevertheless, and this is a topic for another post, but even if the ultimate result of the current trends could end up being a future similar to what this movie shows, there is a potential game-changer event that has not been taken into account, the technological singularity that might happen in this century.

The best

  • It has some funny scenes but honestly, not enough.
  • It can make people reflect on some current trends that are very similar.

The worst

  • Having so many dumb characters gets tiresome after a while.
  • Despite being a short movie, the viewer can get bored.

More information:
Review: AA
In numbers: 6/10

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