Lower your expectations and you will REALLY enjoy The Accountant

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The Accountant is about a kick ass accountant that's super smart, knows kung fu, and likes to shoot for the head. Oh, yeah, I forgot to mention he's also autistic, launders money for some of the vilest people on earth, and is also a police informant.


I guess we could say this Gavin O'Conor movie with a budget of about $44m is on the low side of the expenditure spectrum going by today's standard and this is despite Starring Ben Affleck, Anna Kendrick, J.K. Simmons and Jon Bernthal.

Ben Affleck plays Chris Wolff(actually just one of his aliases), the lead actor who's basically a low budget John Wick with mental problems. Then again, no normal person goes on a murderous rampage that's lasted three sequels because of a dog so scratch the mental problems. The movie takes a different plot and shows that sometimes, kids with these sort of problem can be fixed through physical and mental training, through prestressing the individual by "hitting him/her where it hurts".

The story follows that Ben's dad, played by Robert C. Treveiler, a covert military officer trained his mentally challenged son(Wolff) and his brother to be tough as steel by subjecting them to hardcore kung fu training and all that usual Hollywood stuff right from when they were kids in a bid to ensure that Ben wasn't bullied or victimised.

Ben's younger brother played by Jon Bernthal held strong resentment for their mother because she abandoned them and their father while they were kids but always showed genuine affection for his brother despite his struggles and both brothers also had great respect for their dad.

The problem starts when Ben working with an intern in the company played by Anna Kendrick checked the numbers of a robotics company and found some discrepancies. The inquest into the company's books led to the villain pulling all the stops to hide his affairs, and that included killing ben who he assumed was an ordinary accountant and Anna, who Ben developed something I can loosely call a romantic relationship.

Action movies have generally been tedious to watch lately because of their predictable plots that lack depth and have all that pointless violence that's largely unrealistic. This movie features virtually all these traits and while it's by no means a showstopper, I must commend the producers for limiting the movie to a small cast and making sure every part counts.

Ben's portrayal of a mentally challenged individual was somewhat convincing and the gun battles were pretty standard too. What the movie had in gun battles and ballistics, it lacked in depth because the storyline was predictable and bleh.

If you're looking for a Hollywood classic or something that'll wow you, you're better off watching The Irishman. However, it's still a decent movie that you can sit back and watch with a beer in your hand, damped expectations and popcorn. Don't forget the popcorn.

MOVIEDB LINK- https://www.themoviedb.org/movie/302946-the-accountant
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Very important

I agree :) enjoyed the movie ... watched it with a bunch of friends and was a bit grumpy at first, thinking oh no, not another boring action movie, Frankenstein clone of other action movies ...but then I was entertained enough, and the protagonist surprised me a bit, is a memorable character ...

You put it quite well. It's the kind of movie that should be watched with friends and without any particular interest in storyline.